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Date : 2007-06-04


Monday, June 4, 2007

B Be Still

R Receive God’s Love

E Embrace Who You Are

W Welcome the Day

Published the First and Third Mondays of Each Month
by Kirk Byron Jones



1. Reflection


1. Reflection

Remembering Virginia

Thirty years ago today, I walked around the campus
of Loyola University in New Orleans, where I was a
religious studies student, in a fog of anger and sadness.
My dear “play sister,” friend, and spiritual godmother had
died suddenly the day before. Just 33, Virginia Dyer,
never regained consciousness after a brief surgical
procedure. Though I had experienced the death of
family members and friends before, Virginia’s leaving
was different, and her death left a deep emptiness in
my heart.

Virginia was an active member of our church, Mount Hermon
Baptist, where she served as President of the Young Adult
Choir. There were four brothers in that choir, Frederick, Kirk
Wayne, and Vincent and she became our “big sister.”
We sang, talked, shared, traveled, and laughed together
on weekends and many times though-out the week.
As I continued in my sometimes awkward, confusing, and
lonely journey as a boy preacher, Virginia became more than
a sister to me, she became a spiritual guide. While others
were impressed with the novelty of the young preacher, Virginia
was interested in my deepening spiritual awareness and understanding.
She suggested books for me to read, introduced me to some of
her own spiritual mentors, and challenged me with gentle, probing
questions not about my calling to preach, but about my relationship
to God in Jesus Christ.

Her greatest spiritual gift to me was her living witness. She displayed
a personal  commitment to Jesus Christ that was faithful, joyful, and
playful. She showed me how to be serious about my faith in a
fanciful and fun-loving  way. I found myself wanting to be her kind
of Christian.

And suddenly, in a moment, she wasn’t there anymore.

Well, not really. Soon after her death, I learned that through
memory I could feel her presence in my heart whenever I wanted.
So, there have been few major events in my life that she has not
attended in my soul. She inspires afresh even as I recall her
and imagine her smiling face in this moment.

Thank you Virginia.

Thank you to all those sainted ones who gift us in precious lasting ways.

Have you a “Virginia” or “Virgil” in your life?

Take a moment now or soon to thank them in person, or in spirit.



“Find something that is beyond your natural range…that
creates a tension and a friction that…can produce discovery.”
                                          Peter Brock

“Can’t died in the battle of Try.”

                                           Author Unknown



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