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B.R.E.W. Monday

Date : 2007-05-21


B  Be Still

R  Receive God's Love

E  Embrace Who You Are

W Welcome the Day


1. Reflection
3. Big Announcements
   (Make Sure You Read Through to the End)


1. Reflection

The Treasure Beyond All Treasures

Last week, Odyssey Marine Exploration announced that
it had made the largest shipwreck coin recovery in history.
In an undisclosed location in the Atlantic Ocean, Odyssey
recovered over 500,000 silver coins weighing more than
17 tons, hundreds of gold coins, and other artifacts. The
collection is said to be of immense historical significance
and worth millions of dollars.

As astounding as this find is, there is a treasure worth much
more that we can recover over and over again each day.
Psalm 34:8 invites us to "Taste and see that the Lord is
good."  We savor God and God's creation when we notice and
appreciate persons, nature, opportunities, memories, aspirations,
and so much more.

One of the surest and deepest ways to experience communion
with God, the treasure beyond all treasures, is to be still.
Make more time for stillness today and everyday. Just five to ten
minutes of silence can restore and revive in soulfully scintillating
ways. Let the words of Andrew Murray inspire you to go on countless
spiritual treasure hunts:

"Though at first it may appear difficult to know how thus
quietly to wait, with the activities of mind and heart for a time
subdued, every effort after it will be rewarded, we shall find that
it grows upon us, and the little season of silent worship
will bring a peace and a rest that give a blessing not only
in prayer, but all day." 

Happy Treasure Hunting!


"Ambition and contentment, effort and rest are equally
important notes in the song of life."

"A lack of aspiration leads to expiration before we die."


3. Announcements

After reading the next announcement, take a moment to visit

Noted authors, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, have posted a
review of my new book, Holy Play: The Joyful Adventure of
Unleashing Your Divine Purpose. The entire site is an amazing
resource. Email this link to family and friends. This site will bless them
as it will you.

And finally, speaking of treasures, while composing this edition of B.R.E.W.
Monday, we received the fabulous news that our first grandchild was just born!!
Dinali Sarye Jones is healthy and beautiful! Thank you Mindy and Jared!


Yours in Joy and Gladness,