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BREW Monday

Date : 2007-02-05

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday

B  Be Still
R  Receive God's Love
E  Embrace Who You Are
W Welcome the Day

Published Each 1st and 3rd Monday
By Kirk Byron Jones



1. Reflection
3. Saturday, February 10 is "Holy Play Day"!!


1. Reflection

Fifth in Seven Affirmation Series

Affirmation #5: I Join Others in Creating the "Beloved Community."

Howard Thurman, pastor, dean, and author, was one of the
great spiritual thinkers of his time, or any time for that matter.
In his autobiography, With Head and Heart, he remembers a
stranger who came to his aid in a time of desperate need.

Because there were only three state supported high schools for
black children in Florida, Thurman was scheduled to travel by train
to a private church supported high school in Jacksonville. At the
train station, he was devastated to learn that his trunk would
have to be sent on a separate ticket that he could not purchase.
Thurman writes:

"I sat down on the steps of the railway station and cried my heart
out. Presently I opened my eyes and saw before me a large pair
of shoes. My eyes crawled upward until I saw the man's face. He was
a black man, dressed in overalls and a denim cap. As he looked
down at me he rolled a cigarette and lit it."

After a brief exchange, the stranger took young Thurman
around to the agent and did something that would eventually bless
thousands of people around the world for generations to come:

"...he took out his rawhide money bag and counted the money
out. When the agent handed him the receipt, he handed it to
me. Then, without a word, he turned and disappeared down the
railroad track. I never saw him again."

Though Thurman never saw the man again, he never forgot him.
His autobiography begins with this moving dedication:

"To the stranger in the railroad station in Daytona Beach who
 restored my broken dream sixty-five years ago."

Indeed, we join--and need--others in creating a more free, just, and
peaceful society.


"Don't let the world tell you that your true desires aren't worth
                                       Toni Raiten-D'Antonio

"If you hold back and try to be always where you have been before,
you will go dry."

                                       Gertrude Stein


3. This Saturday, February 10 Is "Holy Play Day"!!

My new book, Holy Play: The Joyful Adventure of Unleashing
Your Divine Purpose, is a practical and personal guide for becoming
more clear and confident about your purpose. I am excited about
how the Holy Spirit is using and will use Holy Play.

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This Saturday, February 10 is Holy Play Day!

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Dr. Jones says, "Thank You," and sends along the following quote:
"To reach the top of the highest peak you must first believe that you can."


Happy Holy Play Week!