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BREW Monday

Date : 2007-01-15

[Due to technical difficulties, you are just now receiving this
week's B.R.E.W. Monday. I hope you find it just as
meaningful today. Blessings, Kirk]

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday
January 15, 2007  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

B  Be Still
R  Receive God's Love
E  Embrace Who You Are
W Welcome the Day

Published on the 1st and 3rd Mondays
By Kirk Byron Jones



1. Reflection
3. A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.


1. Reflection

Fourth in Seven Affirmations Series

Affirmation #4  "I am Constantly Growing in My Knowledge and Ability."

Let's play a guessing game. I will give you a few of the courses
and grades from a famous person's college transcript. Look at the grades,
think, and then guess the person's identity. Here goes:

Introductory Biology       C
History of Civilization      C
Intermediate French        D
Language and Thinking   C

What's your guess? Here's a hint: What day is it?  Yes, the person is Martin Luther King, Jr.
In all fairness, one of the reasons for King's less than stellar grades was his age.
He entered Morehouse College, headed by the legendary Benjamin E. Mays, in 1944,
at the age of 15. Because of the wartime draft, the school's enrollment was down, and 
promising high school juniors were allowed to fill out the entering class. Even when
placed into context, King's college grades are striking, given his historic achievements
and contributions.  

But that's the point, he did go on to make historic achievements and contributions,
in large part, because he kept learning and growing. In his sophomore year, King
became a 'B' student. During his junior year, he earned his first 'A' in, you guessed it,
Bible. King went on to finish strong at Morehouse, and excel academically as an 'A'
student in two challenging graduate programs at Crozer Seminary and Boston

It was once said of another great African American man, Duke Ellington, that he
"never settled for an earlier version of himself." One of the best things we can do
for ourselves and others is to commit to growth, to commit to imagining and becoming
our best selves.      



"I was on that path of imitation, wanting to sound exactly like
Betty Carter. Wanting to be that. Nothing was more important
than Charlie Parker. And he [Steve Coleman] said to me, 'Well,
that's true: Charlie Parker is very important. But who are
you?' And that was the beginning, really, for me...the beginning
of thinking about what my contribution was going to be. What's
my expression going to be like?" 
                                       Cassandra Wilson,
                                       Jazz Singer

"The best support you can give someone is to help them
to become their best self."      


For my tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta King, go to


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Kirk Byron Jones



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