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B.R.E.W. Monday

Date : 2006-12-18

Welcome to B.R.E.W Monday

December 18, 2006

B  Be Still
R  Receive God's Love
E  Embrace Who You Are
W Welcome the Day

Published on the First and Third Mondays
By Kirk Byron Jones



1. Reflection
3. Gift Ideas


1. Reflection

Third in Seven Affirmation Series

Affirmation #3: "I Join God in Co-creating My Reality
With My Thoughts and Actions."

I spent the first half of this past weekend caring for
Anthony, our energetic 5-year-old Godchild.
After an extended time of running and jumping on
Saturday morning, I decided I needed to tell him
to "stop." I thought I would soften my order by,
first, giving him something to drink. While sipping
the small cup of apple juice, he looked up at me
and said with a smile, "You know this juice is really
a magic potion." I said, "Oh, it is. What does it do
for you?" With a twinkle in both eyes, he quickly
responded, "It makes me run faster!" (I think if he'd
known how, he would have winked. But then again,
he didn't have to, God did.) My planned order to
"stop running" fizzled to an advisory to "be careful."

Now you might be thinking, "Cute story, but what
does it have to do with creating my reality
with my thoughts and actions?" Anthony did just that,
albeit unconsciously. He changed my planned action
through imagination and something he said. He was
able to do that without intending to. Just think, what it
would be like to deliberately think and act in ways
that create your best life day after day after day.   

"The great central fact in human life, in your life and in
mine, is the coming into a conscious, vital realization of
our oneness with [God], and the opening of ourselves
fully to this divine flow."
                              Ralph Waldo Trine

"It's not enough to know who you are, you must know
all you are."

"Manage your thoughts and you manage your emotions.
Manage your emotions and you manage your energy. Manage
your energy and you manage your power to create."



3. Gift Ideas

(A Reprint of Thursday's Special Edition. It's not too late to order!)

                Give Peace and Purpose

(1) Give the Gift of Peace. My first two books, Rest in the
Storm: Self-Care Strategies for Clergy and Other Caregivers
and Addicted to Hurry: Spiritual Strategies for Slowing Down
are Judson Press bestsellers.  Both are filled with simple
practical strategies for eliminating stress and creating peace
at home and work.  Order them and I'll mail (free of charge)
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(2) Give the Gift of Purpose. In January 2007, Jossey-Bass, will
release my 7th book, a book I feel in my head and heart is the
most important one I have ever written. Holy Play: The Joyful
Adventure of Unleashing Your Divine Purpose
offers spiritual
wisdom and practical strategies for envisioning and living
your unique and amazing purpose. Publisher's Weekly,
the country's leading book authority, called Holy Play, "An
engaging...provocative counterweight" to The Purpose Driven
. If I was ever inspired to write a book, I was inspired
to write Holy Play.

The same offer holds true for this book as the ones above:
Order Holy Play and I'll mail (free of charge) signed copies
to your address or the recipients of your choice. 
To order and learn about an additional gift for ordering,
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Remember the two separate links:

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I appreciate you spreading the word about the gift ideas and
this B.R.E.W. Monday publication. You have my blessing
(and request) to copy, paste, and send to all you know.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

B.R.E.W. Blessings, (and Potions)

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