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B.R.E.W. Monday

Date : 2006-12-04

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday
December 4, 2006

B  Be Still
R  Receive God's Love
E  Embrace Who You Are
W Welcome the Day

Published on the First and Third Mondays
by Kirk Byron Jones



1. Reflection
3. The Purpose Test


1. Reflection

Second in Seven Affirmations Series

Affirmation #2 "I Play and Soar in the Spirit."

It happened just before a funeral at Ebenezer
Baptist Church in Boston, where I was serving
as Pastor. As we were about to celebrate
the homegoing of a beloved member who had
passed away peacefully after having lived
well into her eighties, the recess bell at the
school next door to our church rang. Within
seconds, the school yard was filled with
tens of elementary school children playing
and shouting.

Though trying to hide it, I became upset. I began
fearing that the kids, though not meaning to,
were going to disrupt the funeral service. My fears
were quickly answered by an inaudible uninvited
question: "Just what do you think your 
beloved member is doing now in her new home?"
I didn't have time to answer; the Mysterious
Questioner did: "Playing and shouting!"

To live in a spirit of joyful playfulness is to live
in the Spirit. When, you speak the second of the seven
morning affirmations, you are willfully choosing to
so live in the Spirit, in exciting new ways.

Note: For more about playing and soaring in the Spirit,
visit, and scroll down to "Mission." 


"To play is to free ourselves from arbitrary restrictions
and expand our field of action."
                                 Stephen Nachmanovitch
"Your soul has a special destiny. It wants to fly, but it can't
fly if the emotional wounds of the past are not healed."

                                  Grace Cirocco

3. The Purpose Test

Here are 5 indicators to help you determine
whether or not you are living an inspired purpose.

Check only one option under each statement.

1. I feel excited about my work.

Often___  Sometimes___  Rarely__

2. I lose all sense of time when I am working.

Often ___ Sometimes __ Rarely___

3. I am thankful for my work.

Often___  Sometimes ___ Rarely___

4. My work offers ample opportunity for personal learning
and growth.

Often___ Sometimes___ Rarely___

5. Work feels like play.

Often___ Sometimes___ Rarely___

If you have checked "sometimes" or "rarely" twice or
more, consider exploring your purpose more
deeply. For help, visit, and
read about my new book, Holy Play: The Joyful
Adventure of Unleashing Your Divine Purpose. 

Note: Feel free to copy, paste, and email "The Purpose
Test" to family members and friends who may be seeking
more out of life.

In Joy,
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