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Date : 2006-11-20

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday
November 20, 2006

B   Be Still
R   Receive God's Love
E   Embrace Who You Are
W  Welcome the Day

Published on the First and Third Mondays
by Kirk Byron Jones


1. Reflection
2. Quote
3. Get Your Purpose On!
4. Special Request


1. Reflection

First in Seven Affirmations Series

Affirmation #1: "I am a Child of God."

A strange wonderful thing happened to me one
morning. I was away from home for a speaking
event.  As I awakened in the hotel room and
turned to step out of bed, I heard in my spirit
these words, "Good morning child of God."
Though the voice was not audible physically,
its resonant clarity could not have been more real
in my spirit. Stunned, I walked to the bathroom and
stared at myself in the mirror. After a moment, 
I heard the words again, but this time I was saying
them to myself, "Good morning, child of God."
mornings than not now, I say, "Good morning child
of God," to myself, to my wife, Bunnie, and to our
bold budding teenager at home, Jovonna. 

Speaking of God's blessing on humanity, David writes in
Psalm 8:5, "You have crowned them with glory and honor." 
You have no more important thing to do in life than this:
Come into a conscious realization of your own divinity. It is
the master-key that unlocks a spiritual abundance we usually
--and tragically--don't even dare to imagine.

As we embrace who we are as children of God early
and often each day, we are filled with divine loving
acceptance, healthy self-esteem, and amazing creativity.
Know that you are loved unconditionally and you can risk
loving others without expecting anything in return. Know
that you are wonderfully valued from within, and you can
value others naturally and effortlessly. Know that you derive
from the Divine, and creative genius no longer looms as
a blessing for the gifted few, it is yours by birth.

All that having been said, "Good morning, child of God."  


2. Quote

"You must posture greatness not just in your word but
in your spirit because that's who you are."
                                Markeithia Lavon Silver


3. Get Your Purpose On!

Are you really sure about your purpose?

Do you yearn for something more, but that
something remains blurred in your mind?

In Holy Play: The Joyful Adventure of Unleashing
Your Divine Purpose, Kirk Byron Jones
shows you how to become more clear and
confident about your truest and most thrilling
purpose in life.

Publishers Weekly, the most respected journal in
the publishing industry, recently hailed Holy
Play as "an engaging...provocative counterweight"
to The Purpose Driven Life.

Get Your Purpose On! Read an excerpt and order
copies at


4. Special Request

Copy, paste, and email the Holy Play, Get Your
Purpose On! message to your family and friends.
Some of the greatest gifts we can ever give our loved
ones are resources to help them become more
freely and fully who they are!


Good Morning Child of God,

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