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Date : 2006-04-03

Welcome to B.R.E.W. MONDAY

April 3, 2006

Published on the First and Third Mondays
by Kirk Byron Jones

B. Be Still

R. Receive God's Love

E. Embrace Personhood

W. Welcome the Day


1. Reflection

To No Number

My friend, Ann, tells this big/small story about her son.
When he was much younger, he often shared
his love for his mom in numerical terms. He would
say to her, for example, "Mom, I love you a hundred
million times."  As he learned larger numbers, he
expressed his affection for his mom in larger terms.
One day, after his mother had done something especially
nice for him, he launched into one of his loving numbers,
but this time he became frustrated by not being able to
think of a number he hadn't said before. Not wanting
to admit defeat, he paused and said, "Oh, I love you
to no number."

An adult now, "Love you to no number," is the way
he signs all of his cards to his mother.

What if you knew that you were loved "to no number"?
Each of us is you know--by God.



"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a person
perfected without trials."

                                           Chinese Proverb


"Success is not a secret: dream big; work hard; don't quit"


Free Gift Offer

An anonymous donor has purchased 10 copies of my book
Rest in the Storm: Self-Care Strategies for Clergy and Other
Caregivers, with instructions to pass them on to 10 "people-
helpers" of some kind.

I am grateful for the kind gesture and wish to fulfill it by asking
you to send along a name and mailing address of a person
you think would appreciate reading the book. I will send signed
copies to the first 10 names/addresses I receive. Please
send only a single name and address.  For a summary of
Rest in the Storm, visit


Gratitude for Morning B.R.E.W.

"Your book jumped off the shelf and I have just finished
reading it. Thank you with all of my heart....I found your
style embracing and exciting when you intertwined all
the poetry with the ideas and emotions."

                                 RMR, MA


B.R.E.W. Blessings,

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