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Date : 2006-03-06

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday
March 6. 2006

Published on the
First and Third Mondays
by Kirk Byron Jones

B. Be Still
R. Receive God's Love
E. Embrace Personhood
W. Welcome the Day


1. Reflection
2. Quote


1. Reflection

Practice Open-Knowing

Here is closed-knowing in action as told by spiritual
teacher Thich Nhat Hanh:

A merchant left his house everyday and his little
boy remained at home. One day pirates and thieves
came and robbed the house and burned it. When
the merchant came back he saw the charred body
of a child and believed it was his son who had died.
He cried and beat his chest. He tore out his hair. He
reproached himself for having left his child at home.
And then he performed the funeral rites. He cremated
the body of that child. And being so attached to
the child, he carried the bag of ashes with him wherever
he went. When he ate, he had the bag. When he worked,
when he slept, always he had the bag with him. Then a
few months later, the child, who had been kidnapped
by the pirates was released. One night, he got back
to the house and knocked on the door. "Father," he said,
"I'm back." But the father did not believe it. He believed
his child had already died. So he refused to open the
door. And the child finally had to go away.
Every belief needs an open window, in order to receive
fresh insight and sometimes surprising new life where
we never expected to find it. 


"Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring
forth; shall ye not know it? I will make a way in the
wilderness, and rivers in the desert."

                              Isaiah 43:19


Yours in the B.R.E.W.


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