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B.R.E.W. Monday

Date : 2005-12-19

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday
December 19, 2005
Written and Published by Kirk Byron Jones

Be Still
Receive God's Love
Embrace Personhood
Welcome the Day


1. Reflection
2. Special Book Announcement
3. B.R.E.W. New Year; Fresh Start Retreat
3. Morning Brew Tea


1. Reflection

A Healing Brew for Holiday Stress

In the holiday season's busyness and stress, we often miss
tremendous inner spiritual blessings. At the end of a recent
b.r.e.w. session, the following holiday brew acronym came
to mind. Use it as a special b.r.e.w. to sip during breaks throughout
the day. And do treat yourself to a few more breaks than usual
each day. Just five minutes of silence or gratitude thinking can
lift gloom and bring in the light. So sip your holiday b.r.e.w. and
share some with others. Simply copy and paste the following in
emails to family and friends.

A Healing Brew for Holiday Stress
by Kirk B. Jones

1. Be Still. Stillness allows you to empty yourself of thoughts and
feelings that diminish life, and make room for life-affirming beliefs
and emotions.    

2. Receive God's Love. In this time of giving, don't forget to relish the kindness and gratitude offered by God and others. The more you receive, the more you have to give.

3. Embrace Life. Numbness and cynicism are not healthy choices in a world that seems overwhelming at times. Hopeful acceptance is
a better choice. This attitude empowers you to present your best to
life's challenges and celebrations.

4. Welcome the Moment. Aspire and set goals, but always in a spirit of contentment. Now is all anyone has for sure. And now's blessings are more than enough when we take time to notice them more.         

If you have trouble slowing and stopping for just a moment of
quite reflection, keep the following parable in mind:
There is a story told of the musk deer of North India. In the springtime, the roe is haunted by the odor of musk. He runs wildly over hill and ravine with his nostrils dilating and his little body throbbing with desire, certain that around the next group of trees or bushes he will find musk, the object of his quest. Then at last he falls, exhausted, with his little head resting on his tiny hoofs,
only to discover that the odor of musk was in his own hide.


2. Special Book Announcement

What Mean These Stones?
by Gilbert H. Caldwell

Gilbert H Caldwell is a dear friend and mentor. Veteran of the civil
rights movement and retired United Methodist pastor and denominational leader, Gil has just released a new book entitled, What Mean These Stones?Lessons of Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, The Million Man March, and The Million More Movement. His book contains some of the most insightful and provocative
interpretations of current events that you will read.   

To order his book, visit and write the title in the search engine. You will not be sorry.


3. B.R.E.W. New Year; Fresh Start Retreat

I was excited to see online that a church was holding a special
Advent Retreat based on the book Morning B.R.E.W. Saint Mary's
Episcopal Church's announcement included these words, "We
will spend time with each of the brew ingredients plus prayer
experiences, quiet time and sharing."

Though Advent has almost concluded, what about considering
a "New Year; Fresh Start" Retreat using Morning B.R.E.W. as your
guide. If you think this might be a blessing to your church, email me
at I will do all I can to support your efforts.


4. Morning Brew Tea!! 

Finally, remember to visit to order
Morning Brew Tea. Share the site with your favorite
tea drinkers. The Tea Garden offers wonderful products,
and Mary Fernandes is a fantastic person!


Blessed Christmas and Holy Days,

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