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B.R.E.W. Monday

Date : 2005-12-05

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday
December 5, 2005
Written and Published by Kirk Byron Jones

Be Still
Receive God's Love
Embrace Personhood
Welcome the Day


1. Reflection
3. Great Gift Idea


1. Reflection

Brewing a Richer Advent

I became agitated a few days ago by a Christmas song
I was listening to on the radio. I hadn't heard it before
and it just didn't sound all that "Christmasy" to me. In 
that moment, I didn't want to hear something new; I
wanted to listen to music that I knew.

As I reflect on it now, my sentiment was far removed
from the essence of the advent season. The word advent
has two basic meanings. The first meaning is "arrive"
or "come." The second meaning, more popular during the
14th century, is "hazardous  undertaking." This meaning
points to our moving beyond what we have become all
too familiar with to engage, often through discomfort and
fear, the unknown. Isn't that what Mary and Joseph did?

Because most of us crave sameness, I don't think we
should leave experiencing the dangerous newness of
advent to chance. Here are five ways to create (or brew)
a deeper and richer advent this year:
1.  Take time to be still and listen to your innermost
thoughts and desires, especially those that make you
feel uncomfortable. Embrace such holy creative tension.

2. Resist the spirit of rushing and do things more slowly this
holiday season. You may be startled by the pleasure and
peace that comes with simply slowing down.   

3. Attend a religious service outside of your tradition. No
religious body holds a monopoly on God.

4. Give gifts based on meaning not money.

5. Seek restoration with persons you are estranged from.   
Forgiveness may be the best and most needed gift you can
give others and yourself this Christmas.


2. Quote

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
To keep our faces toward change and behave
like free spirits in the presence of fate is
strength undefeatable."                        Helen Keller


3. Great Gift Ideas

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Brewfully Yours,

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