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Date : 2005-10-31

Welcome to B.R.E.W. Monday
October 31, 2005
Written and Published by Kirk Byron Jones

Be Still
Receive God's Love
Embrace Personhood
Welcome the Day


1. Reflection
2. Quote
3. New B.R.E.W. Offer
4. Announcement

1. We Are Rosa Parks

Where were you when you heard that Rosa Parks had died?
What were you doing? How did you respond to the news? Though
I had not spoken her name or thought about her recently, I found
myself momentarily numbed by the word of her passing. It was
as if something precious beyond comprehension had left our
world, had left me.

In her book, Black Womanist Ethics, Katie Cannon writes about
"unshouted courage." That marvelous phrase comes to mind as
I think of Rosa Parks. What a stunning contrast to Martin's and
Malcolm's volcanic vocal pronouncements. Rosa Parks reminds
us that courage comes in many shapes, sizes, and voices, even
a voice just above a whisper. The question is not will you or I
be courageous like Rosa Parks are any of the sung and unsung
champions of the civil rights movement, but will we be true
to our convictions in ways that are true to who we are. Will I
listen to and own my unique courageous voice? Will you?

2. Quote

"But if the Rosa Parks story is to help us discern our own vocations,
we must see her as the ordinary person she is. That will be difficult
to do because we have made her into superwoman--and we have
done it to protect ourselves. If we can keep Rosa Parks in a
museum as an untouchable icon of truth, we will remain
untouchable as well: we can put her up on a pedestal and praise
her, world without end, never finding ourselves challenged
by her life."

                             Parker J. Palmer,  Let Your Life Speak

3. New Offer

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4. Announcement

Beginning in November, B.R.E.W. Monday will be published
bi-weekly. Look for your sip each 1st and 3rd Monday of the

Thank you for reading and spreading the word about the books,
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