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Date : 2005-09-26

Welcome to B.R.E.W. MONDAY
September 26, 2005
Written and Published by Kirk Byron Jones

Be Still
Receive God's Love
Embrace Personhood
Welcome the Day


1. Reflection
2. Quote
3. Testimony


1. Reflection

The Upside of Down

One day as I sat gazing out the window just before sunrise,
I sensed a troubling in my spirit. At first, I was tempted to
deny it. I have learned that simply because you have a
feeling, it doesn't mean you have to host that feeling.
So, I determined to lose my despondency by denying it
or simply ignoring it. I ended up doing something else entirely: 
I began pondering the hidden blessings of feeling down.

The "feeling down" I am referring to is not the deep depression
caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Nor am I
talking about long stretches of melancholy that can have
us becoming addicted to our own suffering. The "down-ness"
I am referring to is the momentary absence of living joy and
exuberance. It is the "just-not-with-it" feeling we all have from
time to time, no matter how "spiritual" we are.

Is there an upside to feeling down?  

"Down" helps us to empathize with the hurting.  I remember
several years ago sharing with a friend that I had a
headache. She immediately began urging me to deny
the pain I was feeling. Though she meant well, her solution
came across as insensitive and uncaring.

For a variety of reasons, some we understand and some we
do not, suffering is a part of our living experience. Gently
holding our own suffering, as opposed to denying or ignore it,
makes us more merciful amid the suffering of others.

In a time of widespread dislocation and dismay, hearing and
bearing the pain of others is one of the most holy and humane
sacrifices we can make.

To be continued....

2. Quote

"I have been in sorrow's kitchen and licked out all the pots. Then
I have stood on the peaky mountain wrapped in rainbows,
with a harp and a sword in my hands."
                                                   Zora Neale Hurston
3. Testimony

"Having spent the early morning with your
B.R.E.W., I am with the Holy Spirit and ready to
go out into the world to see the Christ in everyone."

                                                     B.F., MA

Keep Brewing,

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