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Date : 2005-09-05

Welcome to B.R.E.W. MONDAY
September 5, 2005
Written and Published by Kirk Byron Jones

Be Still
Receive God's Love
Embrace Personhood
Welcome the Day


1. Guest Reflection
2. Quote
3. Special Request


1. Guest Reflection

B.R.E.W. in the Storm

New Orleans is my home; God is my Savior; embracing  my
personhood helps me to survive the storms and hurricanes.
It helped me to survive Hurricane Katrina.

As an African American woman with a cell phone, laptop,
blackberry, an automobile, money for gas, and physical mobility,
I was able to navigate from New Orleans away from the storm.
But that is not what moved me to higher ground. What lifted me
to higher ground was love. Love and being still long
enough to listen to God's whispers instead of the worlds'
confusing sirens, lifted me. In the stillness, I chose to
receive and obey God's calling me to stretch and respond
differently to the world's multiple mixed chaotic directions:
"voluntary evacuation," "no mandatory evacuation,"
"wait until we see if it turns," "hunker down," "get your
hurricane kit," "don't panic," "leave with the contra-flow."

When you live life with constant assaults of poverty,
racism, and poor health to your personhood, you learn that
roles can serve as protective and destructive gear.  Achieving
obedience required me to step out of my traditional roles and
abandon my conventional wisdom. (It is not easy but I find 
intentionally forgetting what you think you know to be liberating.)

Embracing my unique personhood was like spreading a
welcome mat for God to guide me and my 86-year-old
father safely to higher ground. And there was more,
inside the freedom of embracing my personhood, a gift
was given to
me: the return of a god-given role that I had left behind.
Prepared and positioned to help others who were frantically
 fleeing the rage of Katrina, suddenly my tiny room in Baton Rouge, Louisiana became a true shelter for families who had no place to go. It was then that the sacred and spiritual vocation of  "leading" revealed itself to me in a fresh new way.

Prayerfully, welcome each day, one hour at a time.
Cheryl Taylor RN, Ph.D.

Interim Chair, Graduate Nursing Programs,
Director, Office of Nursing Research
Principal Investigator, Southern University System REACH for Health Online Principal Investigator,
REACH 2010@the Heart of New Orleans

2. Quote

"Even that which is new and unknown rests in the peace of those
hands that embrace both the East and the West, both the past
and the future."

                                             Helmut Thielicke

3. Special Request 

I shared with friends that my feelings could only be expressed in the
spaces between the words. I still feel that way, though I am slowly
finding the words, or they are finding me.

I thank God that my mother, my brother and his family, and many
friends made it to safety. I thank God for all the helpers and healers.

My heart goes out to all afflicted, including several B.R.E.W.
Monday readers. If you are reading this now, please email me requests for assistance that I may share with our B.R.E.W Monday subscribers. I will publish these requests within the next few days. My email address is

Love amidst anguish.
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