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Date : 2005-08-01

Welcome to B.R.E.W. MONDAY
August 1, 2005
Written and Published by Kirk Byron Jones


1.  Reflection
2.  Quote
3.  Pass It On!

1. 10 Reasons for Beginning the Day with a Devotion

Reason #8: Inspiration

Thirty years ago, something momentous happened: I
bought my first car. It was a tan Dodge Dart. (Does anyone
remember what that car looked like?) I 'd worked hard for it all
summer, and on the day of "the great purchase" I handed over
the grand sum of $500.00.  As it turned out, that was the
easy part; the drive home was the hard part.

On the way back home, I ran into a storm. It wasn't just
raining cats and dogs; it was raining lions, tigers, and bears. Panic
sat beside me as I struggled to flip, turn, or push whatever would
start the windshield wipers. I remember uttering a desperate, albeit brief prayer. (When you're in trouble you don't pray long prayers.)  As I tightened my grip on the steering wheel, my plea to the Almighty was simply this: "Lord, please don't let me wreck my "new" car!" 
Prayer and something else that day saved the day. I kept
looking in the rearview mirror. I did so to catch a glimpse of the
person driving behind me, my father.  Frederick Jesse Jones
had driven me to pick up my car, and he drove behind me all the
way home. Merely seeing him inspired me to keep on keeping on.

Morning devotional time gives us a chance to glimpse God, and
receive the inspirational strength we need to journey on.  

2. Quote

"It is not enough to join others; it is necessary to build a
sanctuary within, brick by brick, instants of meditation,
moments of devotion."

                             Abraham Joshua Heschel

3. Pass it On!

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