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Date : 2005-07-18

Welcome to B.R.E.W. MONDAY
Monday, July 18, 2005
Written and Published by Kirk Byron Jones


1. Reflection
2. Quote
3. Testimony


1. Reflection

10 Reasons for Beginning the Day with a Devotion

Reason #6: Focus

Chapter 10 of Luke's Gospel concludes with
an incident involving two sisters and a house
guest. Tension arises when one sister, Martha, notices
that the other sister, Mary, is AWOL regarding work
that needs to be done. While Martha is busy with
table and food arrangements, Mary is doing absolutely
nothing. Nothing, that is, but sitting at the feet of their
guest and listening, like she hasn't a responsibility in
the world.

I imagine Martha "accidently" bumping Mary a few
times to nudge her into action, but words, stares,
and even nudges fail; Mary doesn't move. Finally,
Martha decides to go to the source of Mary's lapse,
the guest, Jesus. She says, "Tell Mary to help me,"
perhaps adding, "or, both of you will end up at
the diner down the street."

Jesus responds by telling Martha, "You are worried
and distracted about many things; there is need of
only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part."
That having been said, it sounds like the neighborhood
diner did have two additional customers. How dare
Jesus take Mary's side?

In fact, Jesus is on Martha's and our side with his
words challenging our way of worrying about
many things instead of focusing on one thing
at a time.  Please note, the problem wasn't Martha's
concern for the "material" as opposed to Mary's concern
for the "spiritual." Hospitality, Martha's work, was spiritual.
No, the problem was Martha's "many things-ness."
Mary's strength was her singular focus.

In a world overflowing with choices, distractions,
and tensions, single-mindedness, the ability to attend
fully to the matter at hand, is an unsung skill worth lauding
and living. And, it is a skill we cultivate each time we
begin the day spiritually centering and focusing ourselves.  

2. Quote

"Even gloom has its lessons and pearls."


3. Testimony

                                How Do I
                       Markeithia L. Silver

How do I tell the musical story that is ever being told?
How do I make sense of the countless instruments that
are playing in my life? Good, bad, or indifferent; these
sounds continually vie to make new melodies in my soul.
Will I be able to tell them all?

Improvisation, that seems to be the key. Fine tuning each
note as it comes into focus, making sure that the notes
flow in a melody that can be passed along. Don't force
it; just let it flow.

The Conductor gives me an idea. Yes, this one will resound
through the ages of time! It is another beautiful day in my
moment in time. Sweet melodies from heaven in my soul are
playing in my dreams. Oh wait, am I dreaming? No, this is
my life, my light, playing my purpose of tomorrow.



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