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Final Edition

Date : 2011-07-27


Dear Subscriber: 

First, let me apologize for my long delay in speaking with you. I  sincerely hope you are all well.

So much has happened since our last edition, including the publication of a new book and related Facebook page, both entitled Say Yes to Grace. Both have required a great deal of time, focus, and energy, and have led to my deciding to conclude the B.R.E.W. Newsletter.

Thank you for your time, attention, and prayers over the years. It is because of you that new doors of opportunity have opened.

Though the newsletter will not be published any longer, all issues will be available via the archive. Feel free to share as you are led. Also, if you have not already, please visit my site to review my latest book, Say Yes to Grace: How to Burn Bright Without Burning Out.  In a small but heartfelt gesture of gratitude, I would like to offer you a discount on a purchase of the book. If you purchase online at my site, I will reimburse you $10.00.  When your book arrives, this amount will be with it.   

I hope you continue to remain in touch though Facebook, Twitter, and my blog at my website, . My site also includes links to my Twitter and Facebook pages.

Much Grace to You and Yours,

Kirk Byron Jones