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Date : 2009-03-30

B.R.E.W. Monday Inspiration


Making My-Time

"But he was in the back of the boat asleep on the cushion."  Mark 4:38

We cannot be certain of all that Jesus did while he was in the back of the boat, but we know that there were some things that he did not do. Since he was the only one back there, we know that he did not preach to anyone, he did not teach anyone, and he did not heal anyone. While Jesus was in the back of the boat, he was not engaged in ministry to others. 

If taking time for himself was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for you.

Give yourself permission to schedule more time for you to do things that you enjoy doing, or simply to relax and rest. Plan and partake in your my-time without any guilt whatsoever, knowing that such time soulfully refreshes you, allowing you to offer your best self to your family, friends, work, and to the world. 

Here's a tip: after you plan your my-time, throw in a little bit more so that if some of your time is lost to interruptions or emergencies that are sure to arise occasionally, you are still assured of having ample time for yourself.

                                                                                          Kirk Byron Jones


Note: For more on my-time, read Rest in the Storm: Self-Care Strategies for Clergy and Other Caregivers, recently selected by Sojourners Magazine as one of 40 "Best Resources for Social Change."


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