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B.R.E.W. Monday Inspiration

Date : 2009-03-02

B.R.E.W. Monday Inspiration

The Power to Choose

"Lazarus, come forth." John 11: 43

Though Jesus called Lazarus from the tomb, Lazarus didn't have to come out. He had choices.

Lazarus might have ignored the voice of Jesus and pretended not to hear it. I remember reading somewhere that "the hardest thing to do in life is to awaken someone who is only pretending to be asleep."

Secondly, Lazarus could have heard his name called, come out, and then gone right back into the tomb. After all, he had been dead long enough to have gotten used to being lifeless. Sometimes we choose to cling to the familiar simply because it is familiar, no matter how deadly it may be.

Finally, Lazarus might not have exited the tomb at all, afraid of the changes that awaited him with the onset of new life. Newness is fine for most of us, as long as it doesn't challenge us to change too much.

By not fully owning our power to choose, we conveniently relinquish responsibility for our reality. This allows us to blame God and others for what happens or doesn't happen in life.

Dump the blame and the irresponsibility.

Activate and cultivate your power to choose.

Make wise choices.

Discover your ability to create new choice options.

Learn from all of your decisions.

Be free and joyful, knowing that you never choose alone.

God is with you.   

                                                      Kirk Byron Jones

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