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Special Saturday BREW Inspiration

Date : 2009-02-21


Special Saturday BREW  


Take Your Time in 2009

With our constant busyness and multi-tasking, the need for speed has become a national addiction. The problem with hurry is that we are so used to it that we never think about how it damages and diminishes everyday life. Chronic rushing makes us prone to making more mistakes and diminishes our capacity to relish the joy of living. 

Here are four ways to live at a savoring pace, a pace characterized by peace, patience, and paying attention: 

1. Begin the day with a peaceful moment of meditation and reflection. Starting with peace gives you a serene feeling you can return to whenever you desire.  
2. Build "mental speed bumps" by scheduling several mini-breaks throughout the day. You may use this time to pray, breathe deeply, listen to relaxing music, read poetry, or do nothing at all.

3. Ban rushing from the way you think, speak, and behave.  Use "The Hurry Test" at to help you pay attention to the small ways you can learn to live at a savoring pace.  

4. Bring your day to a close with gratitude. As you begin to slow down and savor life more, you will see remarkable "showings in the slowing." Take time at the end of each day to be grateful for blessings, especially the small ones and those that caught you by surprise. 



Are you going and going so much that life has become a GREAT BIG BLUR?

Does having too much to do make you feel like you're carrying around a GIGANTIC BOULDER on your back?

You don't need to read a lot of words, just the right ones.



Kirk Byron Jones