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New Year BREW

Date : 2009-01-01



Happy New Year!

On this day when many of us are thinking about goals, desires, and strategies for the new year, I think it is important that we do so from a place of gratitude. 

It is possible to spend too much time desiring, and not enough time appreciating. We will never be content, no matter what we have, if we fail to appreciate and value what we have. 

Here's a strategy for creating a thankful heart. Declare several days each month "Gratitude Days." While everyday is a day to be thankful, on "Gratitude Days" you will be especially grateful for who you are and what you have. You will focus more of your energy on what you have as opposed to what you wish you had.  

One "Gratitude Day" practice might have you making a list of blessings you are truly thankful for, beginning with the "unsung blessings"--persons and possessions you unknowingly but usually take for granted. 

Beng intentional about being thankful is one of the best actions you can take towards achieving your goals and dreams.  Gratitude is a form of spiritual energy. The greater the gratitude, the greater the strength to help you achieve your grandest goals.   

Yours in Creative Gratitude,

Kirk Jones