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Date : 2008-11-03

                                 BREW MONDAY INSPIRATION



                                     HONOR YOUR DREAMS


"The dream is the quiet persistence in the heart that enables a person to ride out the storms of churning experiences.  It is the exciting whisper moving through the aisles of the spirit answering the monotony of limitless days of dull routine.  It is the ever-recurring melody in the midst of the broken harmony and harsh discords of human conflict.  It is the touch of significance which highlights the ordinary experience, the common event. The dream is no outward thing.  It does not take its rise from the environment in which it moves or functions.  It lives in the inward parts, it is deep within, where the issues of life and death are ultimately determined.


Keep alive the dream; for as long as you have a dream in your heart, you cannot lose the significance of living."


                                                             Howard Thurman



Kirk Byron Jones