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Date : 2008-06-03

                                 BREW INSPIRATION

                                "REST IN PEACE," RIGHT NOW

  Consider the following words found in the Gospels:

  “Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea….”   Matthew 13:1

  “Rising up early in the morning, he went out to a solitary place….” Mark 1: 35

  “He went up into a desert place….” Luke 4:42

   “Jesus being wearied, sat on a well….”John 4:6

   There are many other texts in which Jesus is not healing, teaching , or counseling; he is resting. He is experiencing what Dr. Richard Swenson refers to as “margin,” space between his load and his limits. 

   With so much on him, so much expected of him, so much at stake, and so little time, how was Jesus able to give himself permission to rest? And, not only to rest occasionally, but experience regular intervals of rest and relaxation? 


What if Jesus believed that turning it off was as important as turning it on, that you couldn’t really turn it on if you didn’t really turn it off?

What if Jesus believed that there were dimensions of God, personhood, and life that could only be accessed through leisure and Sabbath?

What if Jesus believed that rest did not detract from his creative labor, but rather preserved, replenished, and ignited it?

Excerpted from: 

The Power of Rest: 12 Sure Ways to Turn it Off to Really Turn it On

Visit for more on the The Power of Rest.



Kirk Byron Jones