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  • 29 August 2013 08:23
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The Sacred Gift of Deep Passion

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Life is flat without passion.

To be human is to be capable of strong feeling and intense emotion. Though readily apparent at family gatherings, sporting events, and mass demonstrations, like the March on Washington commemorated yesterday, passion can be spotted everyday in children at play, or someone savoring the scent of a rose.
On this day in particular, many will feel the passion of grief as a devastating mixture of nature and neglect is remembered regarding Hurricane Katrina. Deep grieving is our way through deep hurt.

Sometimes passion is criticized because of outlandish or tragic behavior associated with it. Yet, in such cases, chosen behavior not strong feeling, is the real culprit.

Strong feeling is a sacred gift. Imagine life, relationships, celebrations, and memorial observances without it.

Deepening spirituality does not curb human passion, it fulfills it.
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