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The Jazz of Preaching

The Jazz of Preaching: How to Preach With Great Freedom and Joy (Abingdon Press, 2004)

   Professor and author, Sharon Thornton, writes, "Kirk Byron Jones has tapped sweet dreams and a compelling vision for a time that calls for "creating a way out of no way… In the end, The Jazz of Preaching is about fresh joy and new freedom in living."
   Based on two of Dr. Jones's fondest loves, effective communication and vibrant music, The Jazz of Preaching teaches persons how to communicate with greater effectiveness and passion. This book has been lauded as being a "must-buy for all preachers, public speakers, and anyone who longs for more creativity and passion in life."

  Click here to listen as Dr. Kirk Byron Jones reads an excerpt from "The Jazz of Preaching".

   Order the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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