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Morning B.R.E.W. : Journal

Morning B.R.E.W. : Journal

                                              Be still
                                              Receive God's love
                                              Embrace personhood
                                              Welcome the day

This journal is designed for use with the book Morning B.R.E.W.: A Divine Power Drink for Your Soul.

Use it to extend and enhance your morning B.R.E.W. Discipline and devotions. B.R.E.W. is what you make it. Be still; Receive God's love; Embrace your personhood; and Welcome the day.

The journal includes:
                             - Journal starters to help you reflect on each stage of your daily B.R.E.W. time, record your thoughts,
                               and be creative!

               There are 52 journal starters and journaling spaces-one for each week of the year.

                             - Empowerment cards to provide daily inspiration for, your friends and family, and others as well.
                               E-mail the empowerment messages or use the messages as part of your personal e-mail signature.

  Click here to read online the PRESS KIT.

  Order the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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