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  • "In reading the participants' reflections I can see that your teachings both encouraged
     and empowered our shepherds to take better care of themselves.
     Your obvious practice of what you preach helps you serve as an effective witness
     to Sabbath-keeping as a spiritual practice."


    (Rev. Sherry Johnson, Associate Director, Center for Ministry, Millsaps College)

  • "Your powerful sermons live in the lives of all of us
     who were privileged to hear you."


    (The Rev. Deborah Blanks, Associate Dean of Religious Life and Chapel, Princeton University)

  • "What a wonderful keynote sermon....We are all so grateful for your
    gifted leadership as a pastor, a theologian, educator and writer.
    I can remember when we first began to consider names for speakers,
    and the person who nominated you said, "I heard him at the ministers
    conference and I would go anywhere now to hear him." He is not alone.

    (Rev.Dr. A. Roy Medley, General Secretary, American Baptist Churches, USA)